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Adjustable Mortuary Freezers
Range - 18°C to - 30°C

The corpse cold storage and freezing box/corpse cabinet is a series
of mortuary freezers with adjustable temperatures that can be
fitted in hospitals, funerals parlors, and postmortem examination
labs for corpse storage.

Available capacity: From 1 to 6 boxes

Precise Temperature Control System

Group 498@2x

The highly accurate temperature control system can maintain the temperature consistency in the box at +- 2°C

Group 508@2x

Platinum resistance temperature sensor

24-hour Tracing, Recording and Printing system

Group 509@2x

Four precise temperature sensors, which display the lower point and upper point temperature for precise supervision.

Group 510@2x

The temperature printing is password protected

Group 511@2x

Power-off memory function that holds and stores huge temperature data permanently

Safety Features

Group 512@2x

Advance keyboard lock system

Group 513@2x

Password protection function

Group 502@2x

7 system failure alarms

Group 514@2x

Inbuilt lithium accumulator that keeps the light and sound alarm available for 72 hours in case of power failure

Group 515@2x

EPS emergency system is adaptable

Refrigeration System

German DANFOSS System

German SECOP compressor

German EBM heat elimination fan

Flouride-free refrigeration system to create a safe and green environment

Group 394@2x

Built-in back up battery to display temperature
and power alarm system for up to 8 hours
without AC power.

Group 393@2x

Auto on/off LED light with manual switches on
control panel.

Group 392@2x

USB Reader

Group 391@2x

UPS light

Group 390@2x

Remote alarm (short SMS Message)

Group 389@2x

Wifi Connectivity

Please get in touch with us to know more about installation details as per your plans