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Biomedical Freezer
Range - 40°C/ - 30°C/ - 25°C

These Biomedical Freezers are best suited for medical and biotechnological usage. It provides effective storage for life-saving vaccines, culture media, various enzymes, and samples for diagnosis.

Available capacity: 120 Liters to 938 Liters

Precise Temperature Control System

Group 507@2x

Chemically stable, CFC Free and Environmentally safe refrigeration system

Group 498@2x

High-density foam insulation for rigidity and stable storage temperatures

Group 506@2x

Microprocessor control, digital display
and adjustable temperature range
from – 40 to – 25

Group 388@2x

LED digital display for clear observation

Group 505@2x

Wide Voltage tolerance design with
applicable voltage range of
187 V – 242 V/ AC

Safety Features

Group 502@2x

Multiple alarms in the case of
malfunctions such as high/ low
temperature, sensor errors etc.

Group 502@2x

Two types of alarm indications: Audible buzzing and visible flashing light

Group 499@2x

Door lock for safe storage

Group 504@2x

Storage Drawer

Group 394@2x

Built-in back up battery to display temperature
and power alarm system for up to 8 hours
without AC power.

Group 393@2x

Auto on/off LED light with manual switches on
control panel.

Group 392@2x

USB Reader

Group 391@2x

UPS light

Group 390@2x

Remote alarm (short SMS Message)

Group 389@2x

Wifi Connectivity

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