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Ultra low temperature Chest Freezer
- 86°C/ - 80°C/ - 70°C/ - 65°C

The ultra-low temperature chest freezers come in a range of four different ultra-low temperatures and can be used at a range of low temperatures and, can be used for scientific research, low-temperature test of special materials, bioengineering industries, storage of chemicals, and any other science or medical industries.

Available Capacity: 60 Litres to 458 Litres

Precise Temperature Control System

Group 388@2x

Micro-computer control – LED/LCD
screen with adjustable temperature
from -40°C to -80°C

Group 498@2x

Platinum resistance temperature sensor

Safety Features

Group 499@2x

Safety door lock and controller with
password protection to prevent
unauthorized access.

Group 502@2x

Visual and audible alarm system in
the case of high/low temperatures,
Power failure, sensor error or leaving
the door ajar

Group 500@2x

Power failure protection, which
turns on the delay of the cooling
system after power failure.

Group 501@2x

Smart Controller Error Protection in
which the cooling system will
remember the normal working cycle
and keep working depending on this

Refrigeration System

German SECOP Compressor

German EBM Cooling Fan 

German DANFOSS Dry Filter

Condensing System

Humanized System

Adjustable Shelves

Document Box

Booster Handle


Group 394@2x

Built-in back up battery to display temperature
and power alarm system for up to 8 hours
without AC power.

Group 393@2x

Auto on/off LED light with manual switches on
control panel.

Group 392@2x

USB Reader

Group 391@2x

UPS light

Group 390@2x

Remote alarm (short SMS Message)

Group 389@2x

Wifi Connectivity

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