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Forbes Coronaguard

Forbes Coronaguard, Powered by SHYCOCAN, is a virulence prevention and containment device and is now available in the GCC.

Up to 99.9%* Corona family of viruses are disabled on surfaces and in the air, giving you real-time protection in closed spaces.

Inactivates Corona family of Viruses

Corona Family of Virus : Tested with Avian coronavirus at IIT Guwahati – Disinfection efficiency : 100%*

Phylogenetically similar surrogate : Tested with Equine arteritis virus which belongs to same order (Nidovirales) at LEI, Mexico – Disinfection efficiency : 99.9%*

More Resistant surrogate Virus as per USEPA : Tested with MS2 Phage at IAPMO, Aquadiagnostics – Disinfection efficiency : 99.99%*

*The summary and any comments herein are based on the results from independent laboratory studies performed under controlled test conditions.

Easy to Install

Plug and Play

Real time Protection

No chemicals, no odour and no stains

No side effects

Does not interfere with other electronic devices

How do Viruses Spread?

Corona family of viruses are invisible and can easily spread between people, especially indoors and inadequately ventilated spaces. When an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks loudly, up to millions of invisible virus particles are released into the surroundings via respiratory droplets, where, they can remain infectious for days. While the larger droplets settle on all nearby surfaces where they remain infectious for up to 72 hours, smaller droplets can stay suspended in the air for up to 3 hours indoors.

Introducing Forbes Coronaguard

A plug and play device, Coronaguard delivers necessary signals to photon mediated electron emitters (PMEE) to produce hypercharged high-velocity electrons by photon mediation. These electrons interact with the negative charge seeking S-protein of the Corona family of viruses thus, reducing infectivity and preventing air and surface borne transmission in closed spaces.

Forbes Coronaguard works all by itself without any maintenance. It safely disables 99.9% corona family of viruses without causing harm to humans, pets or eco-friendly microorganisms and without interference with other electronic devices.

Electron Cloud Technology

Coronaguard Hyper-Charged canon emits trillions (10-100 trillion per second) of photons, forming an Electron Cloud that covers the entire space.

Suitable for high-risk and essential service environments, as well as homes.

Forbes Coronaguard has various applications to create ‘safer zones’ and reduce the burden of indefinite social distancing.


Shops & Commercial

Hotels, Cafés &

Clinics, Hospitals
& Nursing Homes

Homes, etc.

Corporate Offices

Gyms, Salons, etc.

Banks & ATMs