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FAD: Air Duct Sterilizer/Purifier

Introducing AirQuality MESP™ Air Sterilising purifiers
that kill viruses and bacteria present in the indoor air.

Kills 99.99% Viruses

harmful PM 2.5

Kills 99.96% Bacteria

Product Features

Low attenuation at high wind speed (90%@4.5m/s)

Adaptive at high humidity (100% RH without attenuation)

Stable performance and safer (CE and RoHS certification)

Diversification of air volume combination (1300-7800m3/h)Flat size and easy to install  (device height is only 446mm)

Good haze removal effect (high primary purification rate of microorganisms)

Repeated washing and zero consumable (exclusive micro static technology)

Wash and ready to use without waiting (no need to dry and blow-dry)

Fan linkage low energy consumption (less than 5W per unit)

Key Features

Micro – Electrostatic
0 Material
Remove Methanol,
Dust & Bacteria
Low Consumption &
Energy Conservation
Safe, no arc
discharge or ignition


Suitable for super
large wind speed
Please get in touch with us to know more about
installation details as per your plans