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KJ: Airquality Sterilizer/Purifier(Stand Alone)

Introducing AirQuality MESP™ Air Sterilising purifiers
that kill viruses and bacteria present in the indoor air.

Kills 99.99% Viruses

harmful PM 2.5

Kills 99.96% Bacteria

Product Features

Efficient removal of PM2.5, influenza virus, pollen, allergen and other particulate pollutants

Release negative Ion to keep refreshing the air.

M8 methanal filter of Japan steadily adsorbs and decomposes methanal and other harmful chemical gases

Low energy consumption, safe and power-saving

Low running noise, as low as 34dB in silent mode, and even lower in sleep mode

Built-in particle sensor, indicator light displays air quality, automatically regulate air speed, and intelligent prompt of cleaning

"Surface design" of front panel expands air volume at the bottom  and effectively purifies sedimentary  pollutants at the bottom 

Magnetic buckle panel is easy to  disassemble, assemble and clean

Key Features

Fresh Anion

0 Material
Remove Methanol,
Dust & Bacteria
Low Consumption &
Energy Conservation

0 Ozone

Ultra Low Air

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installation details as per your plans