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FFC: FCU Air Sterilizer/Purifier

Introducing AirQuality MESP™ Air Sterilising purifiers that kill viruses and bacteria present in the indoor air.

Kills 99.99% Viruses

harmful PM 2.5

Kills 99.96% Bacteria

Product Features

Micro-Electrostatic technology, 0 space occupation, 0 material consumption, 0 noise and 0 ozone

Remove 99% of PM2.5, methanal, influenza virus and other air pollutants

Concealed in return air inlet of central air-conditioning without destroying decoration and occupying space.

Prevent influence on return air effect of air-conditioning with ultralow air resistance

Clean without dead angles by three-dimensional circulation.

Reduce energy consumption, and avoid affecting effects of refrigeration and heating for filth blockage of coil.

Micro-Electrostatic technology, 0 space occupation,0 material consumption, 0 noise and 0 ozone.

Intelligent control, linked to fan coil, purify when air flows and stop when the air stops.

Key Features

Micro – Electrostatic
0 Material
Remove Methanol,
Dust & Bacteria
Low Consumption &
Energy Conservation

0 Ozone

Ultra Low Air

0 Occupation

Good Air Circulation

0 Noise

Please get in touch with us to know more about installation details as per your plans